Is this really for me?

Over the past few years I have learnt how to completely setup a website in less than 15 minutes. Steps to perform often included buying a new domain name for the website. I mainly used GoDaddy when solving this problem. Next step was to instruct domain registrant’s (again, GoDaddy) name servers to point to my home ‘network of nodes’ hidden behind one of the public IP address of internet provider service (IPS) I’m using, but also to instruct my IPS’s router to correctly redirect http requests coming from the Internet to one of the nodes on this hidden network of mine. Lastly it required handling those requests on one of Apache web servers running in the background.

What I have never done is trying to put some quality material on these web sites I acquired during these years. A pity! Web sites like, which was planned to become my on-line expose of findings from Java world, or (which was setup with the same intention, only it was meant to be dedicated to SQL language) never got appropriate content, such content worth of those web-site names.

Now I am thinking how I own this website, for three years already and how I have not made a single post to it during this time. Did I use a word pity already? And it’s not that I don’t know what I’d like to write about … I mean, it should be about me and my thoughts, how complicated could it be?

So this evening I’m giving it a chance. And holding my fingers crossed that there will be many more evenings I will do the same. Till then ….


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