Need for constant self-improvement

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to always seek for more. Seek for more challenges, more knowledge, more opportunities to give, but also more opportunities to receive. Because that’s what it is all about: you give some and you get some. And the more you can give – you will feel better and life will most probably give you more in return.

So how can we start giving more?

The answer is simple: you must have something so you can be able to give it. You must have something so you can be able to give it! Otherwise you would be giving something that’s not yours (a theft) or something that you actually never had (a deception).

This is a premise people most often do not get aware of.

So we need to have something. But what can we have that could be so precious for others as well? We could have a car, a land or money on our bank account. Or many other things we assume we physically posses. The problem with this is that these things you cannot actually give, because then you wouldn’t have them any more. And your act of giving would produce no new value.

What we should be giving to others is ourselves, i.e. our mental or physical capabilities. We should do so because these capabilities are a) renewable (unlike the physical stuff we own) and b) growable. The key point here is the second: growable – capable of growth.

I hope you agreed with me so far and you will agree with the following statement: The growth is key for our success.

So how can we actually grow? For me to provide you an answer to this question would mean I would actually have to know you. No, this is a question for yourselves. What I can tell you is that you need to focus on what you want to achieve as your final goal and than dedicate yourself to making a plan how to actually achieve it. And to do this you will have to grow.

For example, if you would want to become a better waiter I guess you could start learning how to act more pleasant and professional to your customers; and if you would want to become better manager, you could start learning how to get more involved with people you are actually managing and how to make your goals their goals as well.

Where we learn from? This is probably the most tricky question. And even more, it’s a wrong question. From whom we learn? should be the correct one. We learn from people that already found a path we want to get ourselves on. We learn from those who already invented the wheel, who already achieved what we want to achieve.

I have a feeling I already got too far with this post and I should stop. But my main point hopefully got understood: always improve and grow, because than you’ll be able to give more and for that be awarded with more.

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