My Piece of (AWS) Cloud

Last July I quitted my job. I must say that it was not an easy decision as it’s never easy to end something that was your First. For some reason we find First Things to be something special and we create strong connections to them, connections that are hard to break when the time comes.

Nevertheless quitting SolarWinds was a good decision. It opened a new door for me – the one that took me to the Cloud. The very next job I took was all about the Cloud: ERP in the Cloud (for those of you not familiar with terminology, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning). No more end-user software distribution, no more backwards-compatibility constraints (well … less of it), no more many other things that made software development more complicated.

After not too long I came to a conclusion that for some reason I didn’t fit there so I quitted. Again. Not to go into too many details, I wanted to start working on something smaller. It didn’t have to be company-size smaller, but the product I was going to get engaged with had to be smaller and had to represent something I could identify myself with.

So I listed few interesting job offers (software developers don’t look for job offers – it goes the other way round) and scheduled the interviews. A week later I signed contract with my current employer, BlackBoard Inc. and two weeks after I found my self again … in the Cloud.

This time it was the Cloud for real! Not only I discovered we have our infrastructure in self-managed gigantic server-halls and provide services for millions of users simultaneously, but I got on board just when the team decided to also make certain utilization of AWS (Amazon Web Services) capabilities as well. And I was one of the lucky ones  to take a deep dive.


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