Not so long ago I was spending lots of my free moments with camera in my hands – shooting all those pretty things surrounding us and capturing all those important moments we were part of. Taken long-term, I had one or two photo sessions per month and my photo base grew steadily.

Then I got my first job and everything changed. My faculty studies were not yet finished, so these free moments somehow got less frequent and I stopped taking photos. Not even when the time seemed to be perfect for them, on my road-trips with Julia. And these trips became even more frequent than even. In those moments I just wanted to have a break from everything. So I decided having yet another digital device in my hands was not in a consideration after a long week at work and in school.

These days I am thinking how much I actually enjoyed capturing those moments. And for that sake I am creating this page, to motivate myself to get back to my old hobby and to share some of those moments with you, so that you can see what my life is alike.


Visiting Austria

Visiting Montenegro

Film #2